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Executive Coaching & Leadership Development 

Our MyWorkplaceHealth consultants and clinicians have specialized expertise in working with individuals to harness, build and optimize their skills and strengths as leaders and people-managers. We are experienced in a range of workplace environments and no matter the circumstance, we understand the importance of effective and supportive leadership. We are passionate about helping you achieve your fullest potential, increasing your team's performance, and inspiring your organization.


We offer executive coaching and leadership development services for managers, senior leaders, and executives - both in-office, and via convenient videoconference platforms.


Areas of focus may include the following, in addition to tailored areas to suit your particular personal and workplace needs:




  • Identifying your leadership style & driving values
  • Identifying personal & workplace barriers that impede success
  • Enhancing effective communication strategies
  • Optimizing team performance
  • Addressing difficult workplace conversations/performance issues
  • Assessing & enhancing emotional intelligence skills (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management)
  • Assessing & strengthening psychologically safe leadership skills