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Darby Eakins
PH&S Leadership Coach & Workplace Consultant

Darby is a certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor through the Canadian Mental Health Association, and passionate about offering services and support at the intersection of health and vocation. Darby has supported individual clients across the spectrum of their vocational journey from commencement of career to retirement and supported employer and union groups along the parallel spectrum of recruitment, retention, accommodation and retirement. Darby offers assessment, training, facilitation, coaching and consulting in a variety of arenas pertaining to the creation and experience of psychological safety in the workplace.

Darby holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Dalhousie University, a Master of Arts degree in Disability Management from the University of Northern British Columbia, and extensive experience and training in psycho-educational and psycho-vocational assessment, vocational rehabilitation, disability management, workplace wellness, civility and respect in the workplace, occupational health & safety, diversity and inclusion, leadership and organizational development.

From a trauma-informed perspective that individuals bring their whole selves to work, Darby values deeply supporting the communities and workplaces in which she offers services. Skilled at drawing the connection between individual experience and the systems needs, Darby is a supportive and engaging coach, facilitator and consultant. Darby excels at leveraging relationship and conversation to connect to the bigger picture and organizational goals. She is specifically passionate about digging into issues such as conflict in the workplace and accessibility, disability and inclusion and diversity at work.